We’re a leading GI & MS Steel Pipe industry in Bangladesh

The modern tubes and pipes industries in Bangladesh owe its origin to the grand vision of union steel tubes limited since 2003, for production of steel pipe. Union steel tubes limited as a company with volume over 60,000 tons per annum product HFW/HFIW pipes Black & Galvanized from ½” to 14 diameter with thickness from 1.60mm to 12mm conforming to various national & international standard/specifications.

What Sets US Appart

1. Brand Equity: We market our product under union brand that enjoys good reputation across the globe.

2. Technical Advancement: We have always been a pioneer in adapting latest technology high speed mills from India which help in providing the best quality rolled tubes with solid state high frequency welder. Spiral coil accumulator and online/offline NDT.

3. “0” Ovality: One of the few manufactures in Bangladesh has online Rotatory sizing Mill. We are capable of providing tubes with minimum ovality for high precision in use.

4. Raw Material: We acquire 100% specially tested, best quality hot rolled coils for rolling our tubes which makes our tubes high pressure resistant with high strength.

5. Bur-Free Ends: We have cold saw installed on the mills which provides bur-free ends in our tubes or hollow sections.

6. Certification: We are certified by reputed international agencies like ISO 9001-2015. Additionally all its products are BSTI licensed, BUET tested and marked for domestic market as per applicable BDS specification.



1. The factory is situated at Bhulta, Rupgonj, Narayongonj on the Dhaka-Norshingdi highway about 26 km from capital city of Dhaka on about 26 bigha land where the factory shade is 71000 square feet.
2. The factory started its journey with interest in providing complete solution to its customers in the field of GI and MS pipe holding the largest GI plant of the country and the largest MS plant in the private sector.
3. The factory processes most modem machineries operating with latest technology.
4. The factory consists of five mills. Two mills with the product ranged of ‘/2″ to 2″ pipes with production capacity of 15 meters to 40 meters per minute and the other one with the range of 21/2″ to 8″ dia pipes with production capacity of up to 30 meters per minute. One of the other two factories produces 40 schedule pipes from 1″ to 21/2″, 3″ to 14″ in the other.
5. High frequency welders and solid state welders of modern technology are used in the factories.
6. The factory has a well-equipped galvanizing unit with mechanized system for pipe movements from one step to another. Each mill production capacity is maximum 4 ton per hour.
7. The factory has its own power generation system with a 1030 KW generator and the factory is capable of operating uninterrupted production processes and unaffected by power failure of external power supply.
8. Union Steel Tubes Ltd. is ISO 9001-2015 certified for its quality management system with the achievement of all the necessary certification from BSTI, BUET by implementing stringent quality control process and providing its customers with a guarantee of product excellence.


1. Installed Capacity: 15-16 million meters per year (max.) in two shift operations.

2. Product Range: ‘/2″ to 14″ nominal dia pipes.

3. Galvanizing Capacity: Maximum 4 ton per hour.

4. Production Process: Electricity resistance Welding (ERW) and solid state welding process, employing high frequency system is used for manufacturing the pipes. Pipes are galvanized by Hot Dip Galvanizing process.

5. End Finish: G.I. pipes are taper-threaded as per B.S.-21 pipe thread; Black pipes are either plane-ended or beveled.

6. Pipe Grade/Brand: Depending on size and wall thickness pipes are manufactured in the following brands-:
-Union silver
-Union Gold
-Union Diamond
-Union Ruby

Special Size: To meet customers specific requirements for pipes with special thickness are tailor-made on confirmed order with advance if the quantity is reasonably high and suitable fore batch production.

Hydrostatic Testing: All Pipes are tested at a hydrostatic test pressure 01 712 PSI (50 kg/cm2), on hydrostatic machine.

Tolerance on Dimensions: Pipes are manufactured in different sizes with different wall thickness and marked with different brand seal (Silver, Gold etc.). Diameters of pipes are within the tolerance level of maximum and minimum diameters. The standard length of the pipes are 6.1 meters (20 ft.) with a tolerance ± 3mm.

Standards: General purpose mild steel tubes/pipes are produced according to the Japanese standard JIS G 3132 SPHT 1 (British Standard BS-1387) and Bangladesh Standard BDS-1031. Galvanizing is done according to the British Standard BS-729 which is equivalent to DIN-2444 and IS-4736.